STTS Le Bourget facility

Address:  Batiment 368 – Aéroport du Bourget – BP 28 – 93350 LE BOURGET Tel : +33 (0)148163939

Aircraft types – core market: Dassault Falcon Family and other business jets

Hangar Paint Bay Dimensions:6,84m height, 35m length, 33m wingspan, 11m height pass-tail

Hangar Préparation Bay Dimensions: 8,5m height, 23m length, 22m wingspan

Paint systems used: PSG, PPG, RM, AKZO… experience with all paint systems, as specified by customers

Docking/access systems:   Dock

Environmental performance:  Only use ecological paint stripping systems. Continuous programme for reduction of COV

Quality approvals: ISO 9001, EN9100, ISO 14001 and PART 145