Contract STTS UK: Painting wings A330 & A350

STTS-UK have secured the contract to paint the long range wings for the A330 series and the new A350 generation aircraft. Full operations of this activity will start at December 22, 2012.

To guarantee the same level of delivery and quality, high qualified staff from the single aisle is promoted to lead the teams of the new production lines. These new teams were recruited and trained during the last 12 weeks. They have been trained through the single aisle process using an extensive programme designed by quality incorporating long range methods and processes via test panels product usage. For specific parts of the training STTS UK was supported by their colleagues from Hamburg, STTS GmbH.

STTS UK is full confident that they covered all areas to successfully start the activity and are looking forward to the new challenge.

Published 12/16/2012

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