04/04/2013 – Historical aircraft repainted at STTS Le Bourget

At our facility in Le Bourget we repainted the very first business twin-engine jet Dassault Mystery 20. After the restoration by IT Mercury and the repainting in the new base coat, clear coat system of PPG, the aircraft is exposed in the hall Concorde of the museum of the Air and the Space at Le Bourget.

The Mystery 20 is very known by the record established by Jacqueline Auriol on June 10, 1965. She beat the world record of closed circuit speed over 1000 km with a speed up to 860 km/h. This record was accomplished on the route Istres-Cazaux-Istres in less then one hour and ten minutes.

Click on the link below to get an impression of the aircraft.


Published 04/04/2013

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